Olive Eye Photography

Audrey Gallagher is a wedding photographer from the Philadelphia / New Jersey area.

The Problem

Audrey, being a photographer, had an artistic eye and vision in mind but needed some assistance building out her online presence.  She has a natural, whitespace approach to wedding photography and needed a logo and website that was executed in her style.

User & Audience

People that are searching for Audrey are young, engaged or soon to be married couples looking for a photographer to shoot their event in a modern, simplistic, and natural approach.

Design Process

Audrey had a logo in mind and a website template set up. Below, you will see that she sent me her idea for a logo – the design process fell easily into line with two creatives working together! 

Initial Sketches
Design Series
Final Selection
Mobile Friendly Website


Audrey now has an established brand and website helping her gain new clientele. Please visit http://oliveeyephotography.com to see the final product.