Medicate Me

Medicate Me makes tracking medical cannabis for health symptoms easier through an adaptive journal approach.

The Problem

The medicinal cannabis community is growing quickly, and many patients are using outdated methods -like paper journaling to track their cannabis intake. The doctors prescribing cannabis often leave patients guessing about their medical treatment plan and dispensaries are left to guide new users through the process.

On another note, the cannabis applications that already exist are far from discrete and focus more on the negative image of marijuana instead of assisting users with their medical symptoms.

In conclusion, patients were looking for a simple, secure, and discrete way to journal their medications and corresponding side effects according to their specific medical ailments.

User & Audience

The target users for Medicate Me are patients that require the assistance of medicinal cannabis to maintain or improve their quality of life. They may have been using the pen and paper journaling method for a long time but would prefer a “lighter” approach to journaling and tracking their health – with a phone application. And most importantly, they want their information secure.

Team & Role

The team consisted of myself – the designer, a design intern, a developer, and a three-person user research team.

A group of 5 individuals participated as the “patient” team where we spoke with them about their medical journaling needs.

My role as designer consisted of research, branding, user task flows, application design, web design, application development –HTML & CSS, social media design, print design, application walk-through’s, and advertising.

Filling the many positions at Medicate Me helped to refine my design process and I was able to come to design conclusions quicker.

Development Process

To identify if the product was worth building, we assembled a group of patient participants to address the features of Medicate Me. We focused on the users’ core pain points of medical cannabis journaling:

  • They wanted an easier way to track how they are feeling
  • They wanted to journal the effects of cannabis
  • They wanted to journal how they are feeling
  • They wanted to a compact and secure way to save their data
  • They wanted to improve their overall quality of life.
Initial User Flow

Design Process

We knew the app could grow to become something much larger, but we focused on creating an app that addressed journaling the users’ medications and health symptoms. So, we designed the following features first:

  • Saving Medications
  • Saving Symptoms
  • Medicating
  • Setting reminders to medicate and track well-being.
Initial Designs

User Interface

The current user interface is still in the testing phase and we are currently gathering data and refining the design further. Below are the last developed and published application screens for Medicate Me:


The cabinet is the default landing page for medicate me when users log in. They can easily scroll through their list of medications and identify them with icons and colors. They can click on any medication to easily start medicating

Health (formerly “weather”)

Here is where users can see their list of health symptoms that they may experience. Clicking on a health symptom allows users to rate their symptoms at any time they are experiencing them. Symptoms can be linked to medications for an easier medicating experience.

Add Medication

We simplified and grouped the medication information fields into accordions to help break down the information and make it more digestible for the user – with the intention of auto populating the names and information from our Cannabis Database.


 Users can medicate with their saved dosages and the correlated symptom(s) from one screen. Users provide their medicated dosage, we list out the linked symptoms for them to rate or add they can add additional symptoms. Click Medicate and you’re done!


We believe that when it comes to medical care, all beings have the right to self-preservation and knowledge.

When developing the branding mark, we aimed to raise the spirit of our users through symbology, color and a wording combination. Thus, the mountain graphic was developed and chosen because mountains stand strong not matter the weather and we hoped to help our users stand strong no matter how they are feeling amid their medical situation.

The objective of the Medicate Me color palette was to retain a modern, light, and discrete feeling – without any overly-moody graphics or negative cannabis associations.

Web Design

The website was design was developed with Bootstrap. I wanted to develop a simple clean complimentary design that showcased our signup form, features and promotional podcasts.


Overall, the evolution of Medicate Me has evolved tremendously since I first started this project and is still in development to this day.