Karl The Clockmaker

Karl Ferry, a certified clockmaker located in Hawk Point, MO with 30 years of experience servicing and creating clocks.

The Problem

Karl has been working in the industry for 30 years. After researching the clock repair / clockmaker market, I found that the designs of this and most business’ in the field are left as an afterthought.

Currently, Karl was running his business on word of mouth jobs and needed a way for people to find him and contact him through the internet.

Karl needed a logo and website that brought him up to speed with the changing times.

User & Audience

People that are searching for Karl’s clock repair have inherited these clocks as family heirlooms. Most of them are ages 30 – 40 and use the internet as a way of searching for services.

Design Process

The logos for clockmakers and clock repair often include an elegant gold touch to them with intricate details and / or a wood style involved. I chose to keep it along the modern side to appeal to the growing younger audience. Below are some samples of the logo design process.

Initial Sketches
Design Series
Final Selection

Web Design

During the web design process there were three main goals of the website.

  1. To make sure people understood where they are and what the business is.
  2. Make Karl available for contact / hire on Google Search and his website
  3. Showcase his beautiful portfolio of work.
Mobile Friendly Website


Karl has gained a visual presence and he is now receiving work through his website. Please visit http://karltheclockmaker.com to see the final product