David J. Link Landscaping

David J. Link is a lifestyle landscaper who offers horticultural, hardscaping and customized groundskeeping solutions for homes in the Southern New Jersey area.

The Problem

Dave is an experienced landscaper of 15 years . He was excited and ready to open his new business but needed a a branding solution and a little with a DIY web design help to get him started. He was looking to set himself apart from the crowd and needed a unique approach to showcasing his company.


User & Audience

People that are searching for Dave’s services are 30-60 something homeowners and landlords looking to maintain or upgrade their landscape properties.

Design Process

Anyone that knows Dave or meets him is aware of his fun and playful demeanor. That is why when dave wanted to combine an icon from his favorite video game, Zelda a Link to the Past into his logo for his landscaping business I wasn’t surprised. 

Initial Inspiration
Final Selection

When I started exploring the idea of combining the Link Icon with Dave’s logo I found inspiration in the Elements of his landscaping business : earth, water, hardscaping and found a way to utilize those icons in other areas of his branding. A Shovel was put front and center within the Triangle with his name on it to reflect the business and inspiration. 

Branding Materials


Dave has gained a visual presence and his business is now growing.